My wife makes me bento. This is a blog of the bento she makes me. I love that she makes lunch for me, it’s such a special treat.

The other day she was saying “This is a boring bento.” I said to herĀ “That’d be a great blog name!” I guess ten years ago I might haveĀ said “That’d be a great name for a band.”, but here we are, almost in the future and now we name our blogs, not our bands.

I showed her I started this blog and she said I’d probably get people telling me I shouldn’t call the bento my wife makes for me boring, so I thought I’d just let you know how that name came about. Regardless of how they look, the truth is, I’m glad I have someone who loves me enough to make my lunch most days of the week. Were it not for the bento, I’d be eating something cheap and unhealthy, I’m sure.